Stages of Care



Your first appointment is designated to help our team understand your vision, desires and concerns for your dental health. This is a crucial stage that allows us to assess what the issues may be, as well as their underlying causes. We collect necessary data to understand your current state of health and the physical condition of your mouth and teeth. We take measurements, photographs, radiographs, assess facial muscles, check your teeth and gums, and discuss your medical and dental history.


Your second appointment is set up to review what we have discovered during data collection. We will go over your radiographs and photos with you, and answer any questions you may have about them. Most people are surprised how much they learn about their oral health during this appointment. We then discuss your treatment options, being mindful of your health, aesthetics, vision, and budget.  

This process is personalized specifically for you and your needs. The goal is for you to understand the condition of your mouth and what it takes to reach your goals. We will discuss pros and cons for each recommended treatment and provide you with options, discuss fees and financing, and agree on a treatment plan that you are comfortable with.


This stage of treatment is all about addressing the foundations of your oral health based on the data collected and the plan we have agreed upon together with you. During this stage, we treat any pain, compromised physiology, decay and periodontal health, and aim for long-term stability. We also provide you with a personalized plan for how to optimize your oral health at home for years to come. Our treatment philosophy is to conserve what is healthy and repair what is broken or not functioning well. We use minimally-invasive, physiologic, gentle, and thorough methods to help you reach your goals. The Health Stage is crucial before we move on to the Aesthetic Stage.


This is the final stage of treatment and is typically the most enjoyable part of the process for our patients. During this stage, the treatment planning comes to fruition and we focus on creating a beautiful smile that is harmonious with your face and personality. Once your treatment is complete, you’ll have a good reason to smile, and feel more confident and attractive. For the Aesthetic Stage to be successful and have long-term stability, we must ensure that we have strong foundations from the Health Stage.

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