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Our Philosophy

Dr. Dagmara Ventresca and her team at West Lafayette Dental Studio have a unique approach to dental treatment that is probably a little different than what you have been used to in a “drill and fill” dental practice.

We know that people notice your smile first — and believe that is your key feature to expressing happiness. Our mission therefore, is to provide access to the best holistic oral care, to help you smile confidently and live your fullest life, so that you will spread joy and positivity to the people with whom you interact.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment to excellence starts with a holistic approach to dentistry, which takes into account the impact that your oral health has upon your entire well-being. It is this commitment that continually drives us to be lifelong learners. The services we provide must meet the highest standard and prioritize the well-being of our patients. We learn from dental leaders from around the world, often learning about the same topic from various perspectives and philosophies.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

If you wonder, “What exactly is holistic dentistry?” we are happy to provide the answers!

Essentially, holistic dentistry, integrative, or whole body dentistry is about respecting and optimizing nature and doing more with less. We are able to protect and preserve your teeth, your health, and yes, improve your appearance while helping you avoid unnecessary procedures and potentially toxic materials such as amalgam.

For this reason, from your very first visit, we take a more holistic, cautious, and measured approach that ensures the health of your teeth in the long run, making use of minimally invasive treatments and biocompatible materials, and recommending natural remedies wherever possible.

If you are ready to experience everything that holistic dentistry has to offer, contact us today. Come in and see Dr. Ventresca, who will make sure you are as healthy as possible!

Why Holistic Dentistry?

We’re sure you’ve heard the adage “You are what you eat” — an unquestionable truth. But that is not the entire story. You are also, in fact, the state of your dental health!

Did you know that proper oral care and regular dentist visits affect more than just the number of cavities you get? Research shows that having a healthy smile will increase your likelihood of having a healthy body as well.
Our holistic, or whole body approach to dentistry takes into account the impact that your oral health has upon your entire wellbeing. Recognizing that every part of the body is interconnected and that each person’s needs are different, we hold to the principle that your natural teeth are a priceless possession.

Therefore, we strive to preserve them for as long as possible, with minimally invasive, and best of breed care. As you can see, we are serious about your health concerns, and also work closely with complementary health practitioners.

Our Holistic Dental Services and Process

While your eyes may be the window to your soul, we know your teeth and mouth is the mirror that reflects your overall health. For this reason, we structure our holistic services in such a way as to ensure complete, integrative care of the whole person.

4 Stages of Care

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Preventative Care

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Restoring Function

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