Your Teeth Can Bend

Everyone has a unique fingerprint,
DNA, and body chemistry.

The mouth and teeth also have a certain print, unique to each individual. It determines the strength of the teeth, their alignment and how they fit with the opposing teeth. If teeth are improperly aligned, some or all teeth will be subject to more force than they are built to withstand, which will cause them to crack, chip, and bend.

You didn't know that teeth can bend?  

Almost anything can bend, including solid things, even when that movement is undetectable by the human eye. Teeth have been studied in laboratory settings and under pressure, like one stemiming from improper tooth alignment, teeth flex, chip and their restorations (fillings, crowns, veneers) can loosen and fail.

PH level and Bacteria

A person's unique chemistry and microflora, formally known as your body's pH level and pathogenic bacteria community present in the mouth plays a huge role in oral health.

Structurally compromised tooth structure, like that resulting from TOOTH BENDING, is a favorite destination for bacteria. Being microscopic, bacteria find their way into the cracks and crevices and begin to decalcify teeth. Low pH helps to make this process easier, resulting in not only a break in the tooth, but also a growing cavity.

Constantly getting dental work re-done?

If the alignment or anatomy of the teeth are not addressed, this issue will be recurring — over and over and over.
The dentist will be busy every few years, replacing fillings that, given the proper tooth alignment, could have had a long life. How long? We are talking 10 to 15 years for a filling. 

So if you are getting the same teeth refilled rather frequently, it is definitely important to start controlling things outside the average dental box. Things like balancing your pH, specific oral hygiene products, bite analysis, and changing your mouth's microflora.

At West Lafayette Dental Studio, Dr. Ventresca allocates special time for you to review your unique mouth environment and functional alignment pattern as well of rate of decay and rate of failing restorations. It is possible to turn your dental "luck" around.

You are unique. And so is your mouth. Therefore, customized care is key.

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